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13 luglio 2007

Secta 7 - The Conquest


1 Who Am I
2 Cells of Mitochondria
3 Jihad
4 Melodic Catacombs
5 Metaphysical
6 Radical Socialism (Interlude)
7 Age of Men
8 Power of God
9 Van Guard
10 The Frequency
11 Scroll of War
12 Asiatic Deception
13 Judgment of the Avenger
14 Grey Lines of Racism (Interlude)
15 Cry of the Martyrs
16 Nihility
17 Hidden Agenda
18 Equality Cypha
19 Alpha
20 Omega

Secta 7's sophmore album, The Conquest.
20 Underground Bangers!
This group brings the call of the end time prophet to the world of hip hop.

Il colettivo e' composto da: Eleazar Tha Last Testament, Lord Metatron, Optixs, Black Seed, Atom Tha Immortal, Righteouz Knight, Katurah Ariel, O.N.E., Stress, Planit, Snypa, Big Shank, Man Of War, Imagiin 360, & Mystiq.


With origins that date back to the birth of Hip Hop, Secta 7 is considered to be one of the strongest
underground Hip Hop alliances to arise on the scene since Wu Tang Clan's golden era. Back in the day
when Hip Hop was known for its verbal spirit of lyricism, Secta 7 began to emerge from the shadows of
the underground realm respectively from each of America's coastlines, forming from the East Coast,
Mid-West, West Coast, and the currently dominating Dirty South. With a dimension of unstoppable forces
emanating from this divinely chosen crew, Secta 7 plans to take over the underground and mainstream
by force through their well trained and skilled talents as the finest emcees to ever bless a microphone.

All of the members of Secta 7 are highly developed in being an emcee and have all been in the music
realm for at least 10 years or more. In addition to advancing their lyrical skills, each member of Secta 7
also has been brought up in their own respective influences of sound, ranging from Jazz, Rock-n-Roll,
and Classical Sounds, to Hip Hop, which all represents the true face of the music appreciation that Hip
Hop has today. With a comprehensive sound and various styles of Hip Hop ranging from hardcore East
Coast lyricism, West Coast Latin influences, Hip Hop Techno Party Rhythm, and Dirty South flavor, to the
increasing Afro-centric Neo-soul Conscience Music; Secta 7 has it all.

This gives Secta 7 an original and creative sound that matches their art form. With a divine message that
represents the Kingdom of Israel and the God of Israel, Secta 7 uses a double edge sword style that cuts
through and challenges their listeners to dig deeper into life to understand the times that we are currently
living in. Because Hip Hop has been dead and its spirit has been trapped in an ice age, Secta 7 was
formed. Secta 7, whose members include: Aminadab aka Eleazar tha Last Testament , Rehap, Lord
Metatron, BlackSeed, Optixs, Katurah Ariel aka Kaotic, Stress, Man of War, O.N.E., The Final Chapter,
Ms. Mystique the Lyrical Ambush, and Atom tha Immortal, all represent a common cause and ever
present objective. This objective is to represent real music through the art form of Hip Hop in order to
bring forth the resurrection of the true and living manifestation of Hip Hop, which will therefore enable
Secta 7 to rise before the masses to bare witness to what truth is and bring light to the world of the
freedom, justice, and equality that truth brings.

Un album che non potete perdere.Un classicone underground,i temi vanno dalla religione che e' anche l'argomento principale del colettivo alle cause sociali e cosi' via.Al mic i picchi gli abbiamo con Righteouz Knight,Lord Metraton e Atom the immortal.Come al solito le basi cono cupe,belle grezze e sono fatte da dio quindi non dormite sopra a questo album.





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