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12 luglio 2007

Elohim Marino - Son Of Hip Hop

Tracklist :

1 Think
2 Black Livin'
3 Boulevard Music
4 Elohim Rulez
5 Commercial
6 Paper Chasin'
7 Timeless Thoughts
8 Troubles With God
9 This Is Home
10 That Awful Sound
11 Monsters
12 Two Sides Of Me
13 Demonz
14 Crown
15 Babylon's On Fire
16 Gravediggerz
17 Die A Rebel
18 You Wish
19 Uncontrolled Emotions

Qui una bella rewiew dell'album:

Welcome Elohim Marino to the Rapmullet review section. Boulevard music is in full effect. If you don't know what that is you will soon enough. There is most def a movement in NYC right now, its in the early stages and some MCs don't even now their a part of it but its real. Real being the key word. Real meaning real life, the truth, real facts, real lyrics, real messages. Step outside of the "colonial" music industry and you will find real MCs doing real music just like Elohim Marino.

I haven't heard any MC open their CD like Elohim Marino did with "Think". Who asks the listener to "think" now a days? And I quote: "Take a minute to think / before you pull that fifth / take a second to blink / we don't own our existence / we lost our identity / so you tell me who the enemy?" One listen and you know the direction of the CD. The track that was really really speaking to me as a whole (beat/flow/lyrics) was "Boulevard Music ". It was in the Rapmullet IPod a couple weeks ago. Click the link, soak it up like a sponge..."Boule Music" in it's purest form; that hook is crazy. One line that speaks volumes and I quote: "being a man is something these new cats won't teach you cause they shittin' on the hood with their homo scriptures." Think about that shit's true. I wish I could highlight each track but I have to leave something for readers to go cop the CD and support good music. With that said, to say "Troubles With God" is a deep track is an understatement. I don't care who you are, there’s a verse on here you can relate to at some point in your life. Concept wise "You Wish " is bitch slapping the shit out of hip pop culture. I like the way they flipped the beat giving Elohim Marion a lil different sound which enabled him to get busy with the word play. If you don't nod your head to this...I can't help you.

I feel almost guilty having got a copy of the CD for free to review. This is music you "have to" support. It's funny to me, people always complaining about music sucks but if you look hard enough there is good music out there. I guess that's were Rapmullet comes into play too. If you're into lyrics or MCs dropping jewels in their rhymes to make you think you need to cop this CD. Production wise Tony 2 Tone did his thing. The production compliments everything about Elohim Marino and what he's got to say. I wouldn't change a thing. If anything though I would want to hear a couple more up tempo joints just to balance out the slow flow tracks that are so hard hitting lyrically. Elohim Marino is a skilled MC putting out good music in a time where "they" don't want you to know he thankful he does and support. the "Boule Movement" is real.





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