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09 luglio 2007

Copperpot - What'reYou Looking At


01- Come Back Home (feat KRS-One) [03:37]
02- Let it Go (feat Truth Enola) [03:39]
03- Demo (feat Braintax) [04:00]
04- I am a Banana [01:10]
05- I Put a What (feat Valeska Jakobowicz) [03:00]
06- Art of Rap (feat Masta Ace and EDO.G) [03:44]
07- Dem Know (feat KRS-One) [03:33]
08- Water the Manatee [02:31]
09- WYLA? (feat Prince Po) [02:39]
10- Blow (feat Psalm One) [03:50]
11- Dem Know (Club Mix feat KRS-One) [04:13]
12- Do You Really? [01:15]
13- Modern Vampires (feat Rodney P) [03:58]
14- Clowning Arounding (feat The Time Bandits) [03:40]
15- Clowning Arounding (Instrumental) [03:19]

While sitting in the computer lab at Knox College in rural Illinois, 18-year-old Daniel Kuypers (aka Copperpot) realized that he could buy plane tickets on the internet. A couple trips back home to Chicago and a few trips to the dean later, Copperpot was out of school and on a plane to Europe with no cash, one change of clothes and several shiny new credit-cards. He traveled around the world listening to music, eating regional delicacies, partying with follow hip hop lovers and collecting records while Visa kept sending bills to an address in rural Illinois.
In Early 2000 after his globe-trotting, where he amassed serious debt, Copperpot returned to Chicago and to his MPC 2000xl. He has since become a noted Chicago producer with a very unique style. His creativity and international flavor produce a sound that appeals to a wide group of listeners from many genres including Electronic, Dance, Alternative, and Rap.

Copperpot has worked and is working with KRS One, Edo.G, Masta Ace, Truth E.N.O.L.A., Mr. Complex, Diverse, Pace Won, Braintax, Verb T, Kashmere, LongShot, Rodney P, Psalm One, and many more...

Copperpot's debut album "Chapter 7" came out in February of 2005 and 2nd full length album "WYLA?" will be out August 7th 2007.

WYLA? features 14 tracks with various lyricists and musicians including instrumentation from members of the group Tortoise (Jeff Parker & Dan Bitney) the supreme bassists Matthew Lux and Josh Abrams, along with Tomeka Reed on the cello and Rodney Anderson on the guitar.

Un album interessante in cui Copperpot realizza tutte le basi e al mic troviamo gente come Krs-One,Masta Ace e Edo G insomma mica poco.Un album interessante da ascoltare.Ho uppato con sendspace visto che z-share mi da' dei problemi.



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