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21 agosto 2007

E' ora di scrivere qualcosa...

Da' un po' che non posto un po perche' non e' uscito niente un po' la voglia che manca un po' perche' sono io e un po' perche' quello che e' uscito mi fa' defecare.
Da segnalare l'incredibile flop dei Lordz Of the Underground:

Un album sotto tono che prorio non lascia niente.Marley Marl porudce una base che difficilmente potra ripetere spero'che potrebbe far schifo anche ad un sordo.
Il resto e' di pari passo ma se sento ancora una volta English Mami potrei tagliarmi le braciette da solo.

VOTE: TOTAL 5,5/10


L'album invece di Cl Smooth non mi e' sembrato afatto male pero' ci devo stare ancora dietro ma comunque non e' niente di che.Vi propongo invece il video di Ill Poetic dal suo album The World is Ours che e' un classico per me.Don't Sleep on this.


Ma adesso andiamo un po' indietro,l'altro giorno ho riscoperto un certo album,Escape From Havana di Mellow Man Ace e seppure non sia un mostro al microfono e certe volte fa' troppe songs per le donne,questo album non e' afatto male.Le skillz in spagnolo si mescolano con quelle in inglese e per me lui e' un genio.Se poi pensiamo che questo album e' uscito nel ormai lontano 1989 be' che dire grande veramente.



E qui il video per MENTIROSA ( BUGIARDA ):

Eppoi Ja Rule mi fa' riprendere la speranza che forse non del tutto e' sempre perso.Lui e' stato un coglione in questi tanti anni e molti hanno fatto la sua stessa fine,cioe' cominciando con un buon e o ottimo per poi finire in pasto al Mainstream e fara canzoni commerciali solo per se questa Tracklist di The Mirror e' vera mi fa' molto ben sperare.

Tracklist per The Mirror:

1. “Body”
Produced by Channel 7

2. “Uh-Ohhh!!!,” featuring Lil Wayne
Produced by Minnesota

3. “Father Forgive Me”
Produced by Channel 7

4. “Free”
Produced by Channel 7

5. “Damn”
Produced by Rick Steel

6. “Ladies”
Produced by Erick Sermon

7. “Rules of Engagement”
Produced by Arizona Slim

8. “300”
Produced by KNG Ent./A Park LLC

9. “Judas”
Produced by Mailman (Drama Family)

10. “Sunset,” featuring The Game
Produced by Rick Steel

11. “Something New”
Produced by Erick Sermon

12. “Enemy of the State”
Produced by Chink Santana and Irv Gotti

13. “Love Is Pain”
Produced by Chink Santana and Irv Gotti

14. “Hear Say”
Produced by Rick Steel

15. “Sing a Prayer For Me”
Produced by Chink Santana and Irv Gotti

Ancora non ci credo solo 2 feat e alcuni titolti sembrano davvero interessanti chi vira' vedra'.

Concludo con un album del 2007 che e' questo qui:

Fatty Phews - 23 Years In The Making

E non e' niente male,alcune basi sono spetacolari,l'mc pero' non mi entusiasma ma ci so' alcune sorpresine.


01. Cause and Effect 03:47
02. Ment To Be Ft. Class A 03:40
03. Not Givin Up 04:08
04. Inspiration Ft. Austin 04:03
05. All I Want Ft. Spit 03:11
06. From the Underground Ft. Austin 04:03
07. In a Cipher 02:31
08. Sexy Beats 04:15
09. Nightmare Ft. Autism 03:13
10. Insomnia 02:29



11 agosto 2007

My Field Trip to Planet 9 - Justin Warfield


1. Tequila Flats
2. 'Introducition' By Ellis Dee
3. Dip Dip Divin'
4. K Sera Sera
5. Fisherman's Grotto
6. Live From The Opium Den
7. Glass Tangerine
8. Guavafish Centipede (Aquatic Meditations)
9. Teenage Caligula
10. Cool Like The Blues
11. Drugstore Cowboy
12. Pit It Up Y'all
13. B Boys On Acid
14. Stormclouds Left Of Heaven
15. Thoughts In The Buttermilk
16. Tequila Flats (Ghosts Of Laurel Canyon)

Ho trovato molte piccole reviews in giro e piu' o meno tutti dicono la stessa cosa,c'e' chi grida al capolavoro c'e' chi dice che sia un ottimo album ma non ho trovato nessuno che dia un parere negativo.nessuno.Detto questo state attenti che dentro a questo album ci saranno parecchie sorprese.L'album esce nel 93 produzioni date quasi tutte a Prince Paul e Justin ha appena 18 anni quando caccia questa perla.
Amate i De La Soul? i Tribe Called Quest? i Public Enemy ? i Pharcyde ?.Se si' questo album e' per voi ma non solo.Andateci molto piano con questo album,e quando passerete le giornate sullo stereo con Fisherman's Grotto,Cool Like The Blues,Drugstore Cowboy,Thoughts In The Buttermilk e Pit It Up Y'all ricordatevi di me.Un ultima cosa scusate ma le traccie sono alla rinfusa.




10 agosto 2007

Justice System - Rooftop Soundtrack


1. Due Our Time
2. Trouble on My Mind
3. Flexin' tha Ill Funk
4. Dedication to Bambaataa
5. Summer in the City
6. Santana
7. Ill-River Expedition
8. Justice Funkin'
9. Jacquelina
10. Just Because
11. Soulstyle
12. Take It to the Stage
13. Summer in the City [Sunshine Blend]
14. Jacquelina Outro

Review by (? "UnspokenHeard ?" ):

What you're looking at here, is the most musically diverse and original masterpieces in hiphop, from a time when creativity and orginality was at its peak, 1994. Rooftop souncheck is one of the best albums, that you've never heard of. As with many groups from the 90's, Justice system never got the recognition they so deserved, and as a result have to be one of the most slept on & under-appreciated groups ever to make an album. The first thing to note about this album is the fact that it is very fresh, with all real instruments which just gives of that pure vibe, that is sadly missing from Hiphop, now and then (Similar to the roots, but more funky and with more instruments being played). Justice System consists of; Folex (MC), Jahbaz (MC,Scracthes), Coz Boogie (Bass), Wizard C Roc aka Mudfoot (Guitars) Mo' Betta Al aka Starchild (Tenor Sax, Rhodes Piano), Eric G (Drums) & Bim - E ("Raw Bronx vocals"). The best thing, every artist holds their own, and contribute their essence to make "rooftop souncheck" a total essential to those looking for Hiphop done right, for the love & purity of what it is. Now, unlike what another reviewer has said, the MC's (Folex & Jahbaz) are phenomenal, and posess that typical freestyle/original b boy flava that was so evident in the 90's. By no means necessary do they have an "old school flow", both flippin' their styles from fiery to laid back whenever they need to, to suit the beat. Similarly, the lyrical substance displayed throghout the album is very thought provoking, down to earth and most importantly conscious ; Justice system are all about making music, not gimmicks.

There are 14 tracks on the album (2 of which are short musical interludes and "Santana" being a track with no Mc'ing, allowing all musicians to display their natural funk and raw talent). THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE WEAK TRACK ON THE ENTIRE ALBUM, nor is their any tracks that even scrape "OK", with each song having it's own concept; they all bring their own individuality and enable the hiphop heads to truly indulge in a variety of music, straight consistency.

Now after reading this, I beg fans of that TRUE hiphop, the type that doen't talk about materialistic ish or gimmicks, to cop this right away. It needs to be in your collection, don't even listen to it (take my opinion for what it is worth) and show respect where respect is due to one group who ironically, gained absolutely no justice under the system.What a shame. PEACE! DON'T SLEEP ANY LONGER!

Lyrics - 10/10
Beats - 10/10
Origianlity - 10/10
Replay Value - 10/10 >>>>>>Flawless

Bene questa review mi sembrava la piu' appropriata,anche se forse tutti questi 10 sono esagerati.Questo disco esce nel 1994 l'anno d'oro dell'hip hop.Loro sono un gruppo e sono: Folex (MC), Jahbaz (MC,Scracthes), Coz Boogie (Bass), Wizard C Roc aka Mudfoot (Guitars) Mo' Betta Al aka Starchild (Tenor Sax, Rhodes Piano), Eric G (Drums) & Bim - E ("Raw Bronx vocals").Questo e' un alFolex (MC), Jahbaz (MC,Scracthes), Coz Boogie (Bass), Wizard C Roc aka Mudfoot (Guitars) Mo' Betta Al aka Starchild (Tenor Sax, Rhodes Piano), Eric G (Drums) & Bim - E ("Raw Bronx vocals").Da quelle che avete capito questo e' un album quasi perfetto,non si skippa niente e' tutto da ascoltare.




09 agosto 2007

Panacea - The Scenic Route


1 Intro
2 The Scenic Route
3 Flashback to Stardom (feat. Raheem DeVaughn)
4 Pops Said
5 Epiphany
6 Between Earth & Sky
7 Bubble
8 Square 1
9 Blue Ice
10 Walk in the Park
11 Aim High
12 Katana
13 One Shine
14 Outro

Panacea’s follow up album, The Scenic Route, will be in stores on September 4th! Glow-in-the-Dark Records will again be releasing this album in a joint-venture with Rawkus Records. The production is helmed by K-Murdock the maestro behind "Mood Musik vol 1" the official soundtrack to Spring (I am waiting for the Summer jump off, hopefully that is in the works). Raw Poetic is on vocal duties. Guests include: Jive Records R&B star Raheem DeVaughn, DJ Spinna, and Raw Poetic’s cousin Point Blank.

Il duo e' di Washington e dopo Ink Is My Ink rilascieranno questo album in data 4 Settembre.Loro sono K-Murdock che sta' alle macchine e Raw Poetic al mic,un album da ascoltare sicuramente,i beat secondo me avvolte peccano ma l'idea dell'album e' quello pero' al mic Raw Poetic non sbaglia niente.Probabilmente con delle produzioni piu' potenti avrebbe fatto il colpaccio,veramente un gran flow e delle liriche da' 8 a questo album sia per la musica sia per le liriche,visto che e' stato dato il voto di 10 all'album degli UGK mi pare che rapreviews abbia perso la testa.Per me:





Domenica 5 Agosto Sono Stato Al Rally Alpe Del Nevegal.

Gli album da ascoltare sono tanti.Avvolte non riesci a starci dietro del tutto ma internet aiuta come sempre.Domenica sono andato a lavorare a questo rally,di gara ne ho vista ben poca ma le mie tasche almeno si sono riempite.Devo dire comunque che e' stata na bella cosa consigliato un po' a tutti.L'unico problema che ho/abbiamo avuto nel nostro lavoro che era quello di dare i biglietti,i soliti rompi palle che non vogliono pagare,pure a me 10 euro mi sembrano tanto per una gara pero' avvolte mi sorprende quanto la gente sia tirchia oppure non ha soldi.L'italia e' in crisi???
Buona risposta.

04 agosto 2007

Prop Dylan - A Garbage Pail Kid


01 intro
02 A Garbage Pail Kid
03 Can you imagine
04 As good as it gets feat. Wordsworth
05 Johnny Raincloud Blues
06 That was back then feat. Carl Noren of Sugarplum Fairy
07 Big dreams
08 No dime a dozen feat. Kashal-Tee & Pumpkinhead
09 It's alright now
10 Trinity
11 Two steps forward
12 Clash of the titans feat. Block Mcloud, Sekken Thautz & K-Element
13 Honey
14 On the run
15 Keep it flowing feat. Oktober Zero


Lui e' svedese,questo e' una gemma assoluta.Non dormite oltre.




Whiskey Blanket - Credible Forces


01 Credible Sources
02 The Probable Antagonist
03 Temptations
04 Seamless
05 Ritenoir
06 Night Waltz
07 Necessity
08 Make Believe
09 Introduction
10 Improper Paradise
11 Immaculate Dungeon of Manifested Solitude
12 Don't Get Hirt
13 Divine Atrocity
14 Dark Secrets
15 Crunkster Malunkster
16 Wake and Stretch

Loro sono Steakhouse (MC, Producer, recording engineer, pianist/bassist, turntablist) Funny Biz (MC, beatboxer, cellist ) e Sloppy Joe (MC, violinist).Hanno un enorme talento e sono insieme dal 2002 e hanno rilasciato il loro primo album nel 2004.Questo e' un album veramente splendido loro parlano principalmente della vita e dei suoi valori,non dormite sopra a questo album perche' loro sono spettacolari in tutti i sensi.




03 agosto 2007

The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II


1. 4 Better Or 4 Worse (Interlude)
2. Oh Shit
3. It's Jiggaboo Time (Skit)
4. 4 Better Or 4 Worse
5. I'm That Type Of *****
6. If I Were President (Skit)
7. Soul Flower (Remix)
8. On The DL
9. Pack The Pipe (Interlude)
10. Officer
11. Ya Mama
12. Passing Me By
13. Otha Fish
14. Quinton's On The Way (Skit)
15. Pack The Pipe
16. Return Of The B-Boy

Review ( :

Like De La Soul's Three Feet High & Rising, the Pharcyde's 1992 debut came at a time when hip-hop was headed in one direction, but the group was going somewhere else entirely. A crew of spunky b-boys armed with a self-deprecating sense of humor, the Pharcyde made an album that was fresh and profoundly honest. "Ya Mama" is a clever array of mother jokes set to cartoonish beats; "On the DL" has each MC unguardedly making self-denigrating confessions (like Fat Lip admitting to masturbating--previously a hip-hop no-no); and "Passin' Me By" is an ode to hopeless crushes on unattainable women. The group's playfulness was also infused with smarts, too, most visibly on "Officer." Recorded around the time of the Rodney King verdict, the song was an indictment of racial profiling--shrouded, of course, in a comic tale that parodied Public Enemy's "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos." With animated beats from J-Swift (the West Coast version of Prince Paul) and four distinct rhyming styles, particularly Slim Kid Tre's melodiousness and Fat Lip's nerdiness, this album captures an innocence rarely seen in the music's posturing ways. It's something that this album captures forever.

Review ( :

Much like the Wu a short while later, in 1992 The Pharcyde entered the hip hop landscape as a fully-formed entity, not only a dope-ass group but damn near a valuable and refreshing philosophic, musical and aesthetic movement. Emerging from the left coast, they flew under the radar of the gangsta craze, instead joining with fellow creative oddballs such as Freestyle Fellowship and Souls of Mischief (and later Project Blowed, Solesides, etc) to create music that was damn funky but also thought provoking. When their debut LP "Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde" dropped, the excitement it created for the relatively small number of heads who heard it was palpable.

Unfortunately, after a series of increasingly unremarkable releases it remains the group's crowning achievement. In the end, that only adds to its legendary status as one of the most creative albums of the early 90s, one that both celebrated and challenged past and existing forms of black expression in an effort to redefine hip hop, youth and blackness for a new generation of California kids with something to say.

In short, the Pharcyde display here a style and a viewpoint deliciously and profoundly contradictory (as life, and all good art that reflects it, usually is) in so many ways. Simultaneously subtle and brazen, overtly celebratory yet deeply dark and twisted, both ephemeral and timeless in scope, "Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde" is one of those cult favorites that in a perfect world would've sold Michael Jackson units—a record that can be enjoyed by all without losing any edginess or provocative lyricism.

Ironic. Jazzy. Self-depreciating. Clever. Funkier than a bag of gym socks. On and on, and I'm only describing the first song. With four talented members of similar mind producing and rhyming (although Fat Lip does frequently steal the show with his effortless charisma), the group's debut LP has an amazingly natural feel both thematically and musically.

Not feeling contrived in the least, they manage to take on subjects both profoundly silly and serious, including the dozens ("Ya Mama"), police profiling ("Officer"), female (or, more accurately and hilariously, male) troubles ("Oh Shit!"), and black cultural exploitation ("It's Jigaboo Time (skit)"). And they do it all in a tone that's impressionistic, creative, improvisational and unstoppable; through entertaining storytelling and off-the-dome magic, each MC creates an engaging and convincing personae.

Musically, the group surrounds itself in can't-miss samples and deep funk grooves. Fifteen years on, these are joints that still leave you helpless not to nod to, break to, and throw your hands up to. You could call "Bizarre Ride..." a party album with soul, or maybe a "conscious" album that never forgot the all-important P-Funk mandate to free your ass along with your mind. Whatever you call it (and this classification is more difficult to do than expected, being so fresh a product) however, the tracks remain like the lyrical content a stunning reflection of The Pharcyde manifesto realized.

By simultaneously being aware of, following along with and audaciously rejecting the dichotomies and stereotypes inherent in being a black entertainer (or even a black man in general), "Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde" isn't just a profound artistic statement, it is also arguably a valuable document in the ongoing dialogue of what it means to be disenfranchised in America. So please revisit this platter a few more times. Free your mind, free your ass, and take a bizarre ride to a place that remains pleasant, infectious, thought provoking and essential.

Music Vibes: 9.5 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 9.5 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 9.5 of 10

Forse gli avrete gia' sentiti forse no,resta il fatto che questo e' purtroppo l'unico album che merita di loro.Un album molto simpatico quasi demenziale ma che ai tempi cioe' 1992 dove Dre usciva con The Cronic ha portato un aria fresca.Gran belle produzioni, al mic sempre costanti anche se non gli ricordero'/ricoderemo come i migliori mc esistiti,pero' questo album e' acclamato da molti come classico,non sono della stessa opinione visto che e' un album molto leggero pero' se parliamo del genere questo e' sicuramente uno dei migliori.Non dormiteci sopra.





NYOiL - " Unreal"

Che bel pezzo.

Pato e' del Milan

Finalmente abbiamo concluso un acquisto, un bel rischio ma penso che il ragazzzo potra' crescere con gente come kaka' e ronaldo.

Tu Mi Dici Quello Che Devo Fare.....

E io lo faccio

Questo uomo e' un idolo assoluto.

02 agosto 2007

Corona Non Perdona

Arrivo tardi.Pero' sono arrivato.
Si sono lette tane cose in giro contro corona e contro kalief,io invece vado contro corrente,Corona e' un idolo (speriamo che legga questo commento e mi faccia fare qualcosa)pero' questo Kalief e' abbastanza scarso,insomma Corona la prossima volta prendi un rapper decente ma se vuoi prorio puoi prendere pure me. ma Kalief e' veramente troppo scarso.
Buona fortuna per i tuoi guai giudiziari e non fermarti mai.
Respect Corona.


To: Def Jam

















01 agosto 2007

Termanology & Dc - Out The Gate


1. Statik Selektah Intro - DC, Termanology
2. This Is Hip Hop - DC, Kilia, Termanology
3. Motion Picture - DC, Termanology
4. 22 Years - DC, Termanology
5. Welcome 2 the Hood - Hectic, Krumbsnatcha
6. Out the Gate - St. Da Squad
7. Brotherly Love - Rock, Snuk
8. Circle of Life - Lee Wilson
9. When We Were Kids - Akrobatik,
10. Baby - Lee Wilson
11. My Life - L Da Headtoucha
12. Ain't Gotta Be Rich 2 Ball - The Shells, Snuk
13. Mommy, Daddy, . Grandma - DC, Termanology
14. Never Be the Same - Checkmark, ED Rock, Ghetto
15. Takin You with Me - DC, Fizz Daddy, Termanology
16. Ain't Fuckin with This - Prospect
17. Ready - Esoteric, Gutta
18. P-N-C Outro - Karen Christy, DC, Termanology
19. Anthem [*] - DC, Termanology

Review (

There's a lot to like about "Out the Gate," the virgin effort from Massachusetts rapper Termanology and his producer DC the MIDI Alien. There's also, unfortunately, a lot for the not-easily-impressed critic to pick apart and find fault with. The end result is an admirable effort crafted by uniquely talented individuals that would have severely benefited from a trimming down. I've encountered this before in underground hip-hop: the aesthetic decision seems to run along the lines of, "Let's cram all this shit in there, and people like what they like." But this album is 73 minutes long, and about 25 minutes is redundant and boring. The rest ranges from good to great, and the end product is wholly uneven.

This is particularly frustrating here because I like Termanology. I like his sing-songy flow that on occasion turns menacing, his penchant for laying his vulnerabilities out raw a-la-Eminem, and even his tendency towards sappy nostalgia. As a matter of fact, one of the most confusing aspects of this record is that even when shit got incredibly mawkish, naÔve, and simple, I couldn't hate. Term has that effect on a person. His sincerity shines through both the music and subject matter. It draws the listener in very deeply, and almost, ALMOST, makes you forget that six or seven songs sound strikingly similar. Credit this to his vocal stylings, a unique mix of low-key monotone talk-rap and guttural, urgent whispering.

Take "Circle of Life," Term's ode to his young daughter. I've listened to it four times already, and I still can't decide if I like it or not. On the one hand, none of it sounds forced or fake, and Term lets himself get swept away by the general loveliness of it all. He's like George Carlin playing the conductor on Shining Time Station, aware of how ridiculous this is all is but not caring, just throwing himself full force into the music. But this song, and a few others, IS pretty ridiculous. It's every "I Love My [Female Family Member]" track every rapper has ever produced. Memories of the night Wifey gave birth? Check. Regrets as to the status of current relationship with Wifey? Check. Assurances that daughter will always be taken care of? Oh shit, check.

The same problems are inherent when Term talks about how rap "used to be." I'm newer to this game than Termanology is, but surely even "back then" (which to Term is the late eighties, early nineties) rap had its problems? Surely some of it sucked? I appreciate DC the MIDI Alien sneaking in subtle musical shoutouts to such hits as Queen Latifah's "U.N.I.T.Y." on the sonically superior "This Is Hip-Hop." That song, despite overly fetishizing earlier hip-hop culture, works really well, again due to Term's charisma. But did we really need it again with "When We Were Kids"? We also get two My Life cuts ("22 Years" and the bluntly named "My Life") and another Love Your Family cut with "Mommy, Daddy, Grandma." Remember, this album is 72 minutes long. These should have been left on the cutting room floor.

(I have one more quick gripe that should have been fixed in editing: at the very end of "My Life" Term calls himself a "new school Slick Rick with no jewels." Then at the beginning of the next track, "Ain't Gonna Be Rich," he urges us to "check out my jewelry." Come on now! Nobody noticed that?)

But like I said, Termanology often really impresses, especially when he radically alters his usually calm and reserved flow style. I certainly don't want to harp on the negative here, particularly because most of it could have been retooled and fixed fairly easily. The aforementioned "Ain't Gonna Be Rich" is a strong posse cut featuring a scary, raspy, stuttering Termanology next to quality guest rappers. "Takin' You With Me" is one of the few cuts on which DC's beat jumps out and grabs you by the throat. It's a sly interpretation of a minor piano riff, and it undoubtedly mirrors other classics of threat-rap like "Shook Ones," even allowing the usually gentle Term to threaten violence against assorted baby-mommas and grannies. "Motion Picture" is musically subtle, but takes a surprisingly mature position on the inherent difficulties of the recording industry. "Ready" even features fellow Massachusetts emcee Esoteric, of whom this reviewer is a big fan, placed over a thumping background emphasizing beats two and four. It's really a great song.

So in the end, Term won me over. There's definitely some baking soda cut into the pure and addictive good stuff, but that seems to be a symptom of overreaching and definitely not a comment on talent. "Out the Gate" might inspire listeners to hit the skip button a few times, yes, but it contains enough raw ambition and emotional nakedness to make it worth your while. Maybe these young rappers just need a heartless critic in the editing booth, forcing them to do their best with witty bon mots and piercing sarcasm.

Okay, that's the last thing they need. But you know what I'm saying.

Music Vibes: 6.5 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 7 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7 of 10

Nel bene e nel male sono d'accordo con questa recenzione.Termanology ha indubbiamente un bel flow e una bella voce.Le liriche avvolte sono troppo da gangster ma quando i discorsi si fanno seri pure lui si fa' piu' serio e tira fuori perle come Circle Of Life.I beat avvolte non fanno quello che devono fare e questo DC non mi ha pienamente convinto pero' ci sono belle perle e Termanology con certi ateggiamenti fa' un po' ridere,spero continui sulla sua strada perche' le capacita' c'e' le ha e la sua voce resta per me uno delle piu' belle in questo momento.









1)NAS 52% VOTI 26/50

2)RAKIM 20% VOTI 10/50

3)OTHERS 14% VOTI 7/50

4)JIGGA 10% VOTI 5/50

5)MASTA ACE & ANDRE 300 2% VOTI 1/50


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Ras Kass & Common Freestyle