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13 luglio 2007

Buff1- Pure


01 Pure
02 Get To It
03 Moving Along ft Tiffany Paige
04 Slick
05 The Kingdom ft Miz Korona & Elzhi
06 I Go
07 Big Thangs
08 Pretty Baby
09 Much Better ft One Be Lo
10 FoodChainGang
11 House of Horrors
12 SUPREME ft Invincible & Guilty Simpson
13 Show Stopper
14 Hula Hoops
15 True Colors ft Now On & Monica Blaire
16 That Fonk!
17 For U

Production from The Lab Techs, Mr. Porter (D12) and Wajeed (Platinum Pied Pipers).

Qui una piccola Biografia:
It's not about keeping it real, or being true to the game. It's about being true to Buff1. Seasoned mic veteran Buff1 approaches 'Pure', his debut solo album, by abandoning clichs and putting his soul on each record. With a commanding presence on and off stage, Buff1 consistently delivers hits. Whether rocking a party banger, a political burner or a soulful anthem, one thing is certain; you'll never receive anything less than 100% 'Pure' Buff1. Ten years after Athletic Mic League (AML) came together as teenagers, the men that fill out its seven man roster have had a full decade of perfecting lyrical skills, studio sounds and working out the most satisfying stage performances. AML quickly emerged as a premier act in the musically thick Detroit scene performing with Hip-Hop's elite including Eminem, Mos Def, Ghostface Killah, Talib Kweli, Slum Village, Boot Camp Click, Jurassic 5, Dead Prez and Little Brother to name a few, always capturing the attention and respect of the large, often cynical audiences. With the underground infamy of AML's own Lab Techs produced, "Sweats and Kicks" (2002), and the mutually adored national release of "Jungle Gym Jungle" (2004, Barak Records), the other six members of AML approached Buff1 with a new plan: it was time to bring him to the forefront as a solo artist. With AML supporting him and the Lab Techs still at the helm, Buff has come with a debut solo project that impresses even those who had perhaps lost faith in good music.

Qui una veloce Review di un utente di un forum:

i'm not a huge buff1 fan nor aml fan, but "Pure" is the shit. it's got a great vibe and great style. the production is tight (all lab techs except mr. porter & waajeed did 1 a piece) and invincible & guilty are on the same track with buff1 as well. i had also heard his mixtape prior to this release (it was green) and didn't think it was all that, but "Pure" is fucking awesome and he made a new fan out of me. it's dope when you hear an album that 'takes you back' while 'keeping it new' and this is it. bottomline, cop it or boot it but you gotta hear it.

Buff1 "Pure"

Stiamo parlando di un album che questo anno si attesta sicuramente tra i primi 10 se non di piu'.C'e' tanto Jazz,c'e tanto Soul e lui al mic e' sempre intelligente mai banale,preciso con gli incastri e riesce sempre a trasmettere qualcosa col suo flow.Un album da avere.




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