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07 giugno 2007

Saigon Incazzato

Saigon pare molto incazzato con la Atlantic Records.Il suo album di debutto doveva uscire gia' da un pezzo ma la atlantic non ci crede in lui quindi queste le sue parole:

pleassssse dont believe that the hold up of my album has ANYTHING to do with me or my work ethic or my rate of producing GREAT music...If you go to YOUTUBE and type in JBTV Saigon you will hear snippets of my album that Atlantic doesnt seem to have the desire to release...I just think the once great Atlantic Records has been belittled down to a home of ringtone making artists, like they sign the great jingle writers and real artist like Myself dont get a chance to showcase my musical abilities...I feel like Tupac now...Its me against the world.. Thank God artist such as Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin (Atlantic artist) werent signed in this day in time.. They wouldve never seen the light of day..not to worry though, my fans WILL hear my entire album very soon whether they put it out or not.. If they donnt I will and let yall be the judge of if the music is GREAT or not....I am putting out a brand new song right here Titled What A Life feat. Tre williams from Ill WILL RECORDS AND YOU CAN HEAR IT FIRST HERE ON MYSPACE...Look foward to hearing more exclusives from me...Im beginning to think that being my album is geared toward the betterment and not the destruction of my people the powers that be dont wanna release it...cause I know its not the skills...i am the MOST RELEVANT RAPPER in THE WORLD by far when it comes to my people..Unfortunately..They only care about $$$$...Oh well..Welcome to America... Greatest Story Never Told coming this Summer...regardless...."


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